We invite you to join us for our God's Work, Our Hands day of service!

Several times per year here at Gloria Dei, as a continuation and expansion of the ELCA initiative God's Work, Our Hands, we emphasize a special way of living out our faith by worshiping through our service.  On several Sundays each year, we go about our morning at church a little differently.  Instead of holding our customary 9am worship service in our sanctuary, we gather together on our patio for communion, a word of commissioning, and a sending out to serve.  Then, we move into the community (both on our campus and in the neighborhood) in teams to serve on many outreach projects.  We work to plan and provide opportunities to serve that allow everyone from young to young at heart to participate in projects inside and outside as they are able, all benefiting or connecting to our local and global community.  It is our hope to build on this movement, increasing the frequency of these days of service as we go forward in faith together!

Gracious Invitation

We invite you to be a part of our God's Work, Our Hands day of service in the community!

WE WILL... seek to understand new perspectives, recognize the value and importance of all people, extend grace to those around us and ourselves, invite others to engage with us, work hard and be willing to sacrifice, stretch our comfort zones, be fully present with those who we serve, be led by the example of Christ.

WE WILL NOT... impose our expectations on others, discriminate or judge, engage in aggressive recruitment, act from fear or anxiety, focus on things beyond our control, belittle or mistreat anyone for any reason.

Take a moment to read about the schedule for the day and a little information about each of the planned service opportunities.  We encourage you to reach out with questions or comments by phone at 602-955-7330, by email at gdlchurch@gmail.com.  Use the form below to sign up. 

Next Day of Service:  October 15, 2017


9:00am-  Gathering for Communion & Sending Out, GDLC patio

9:30am to 11:30am-  Service Project Time

12:00pm to 1:00pm-  Gather for Lunch @ Justa Center with live music by "Rhythm is Life"

Project List... 

On Campus:  

 Justa Center – Assemble Move-In Kits (about 20)

 ELCA Global Mission - Rolling Bandages from strips of white sheets

Off Campus, In the Phoenix Community:

 Justa Center – Set-up, serve, eat, cleanup Community Meal with members at Justa Center - live music by “Rhythm Is Life” 

   *** Parents, please see Kelly before the gathering on the 15th for a required release form for all kiddos under age 18! ***

 The Gardens of Scottsdale – Visitation with residents

 Arizona Humane Society Campus for Compassion - Stuff Kong dog toys with treats;  create toys with rags;  give to dogs, interact with dogs;  learn about AHS’s new reptile environment on that campus

 Downtown Phoenix - “Taking It to the Streets” – combined effort

   a)  juice and burritos distribution

   b)  trash pick-up downtown Phoenix open areas (parks, sidewalks) ; handout new socks with water bottles.

To sign up for the next event, or to let us know you might be interested in getting involved in another way, we invite you to briefly share some information in the form below.  Grace and peace to you!

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